With White Rice

80. Beef with Broccoli (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
81. Pepper Steak (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
82. Beef with Garlic Saucespicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
83. Beef with Black Bean Sauce (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
84. Szechuan Beefspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
85. Beef with Mushroom (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
86. Beef with String Beanspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
87. Beef with Eggplantspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
88. Beef with Mixed Vegetable (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
89. Beef with Snow Peas (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
90. Beef with Tomato (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
91. Mongolian Beefspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
92. Hot and Chili Beefspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
93. Kung Pao Beefspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
94. Beef with Cashew Nuts (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
95. Curry Beef (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
96. Beef w. Black Pepper Sauce (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
97. Orange Beefspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
98. General Tso's Beefspicy (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95
99. Sesame Beef (S)$6.95 (L)$9.95